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Maintenance Plan

Complete Maintenance for Your Programs

Safety Program Approved? Great! Now You Have to Stay Approved.

Don't Worry, We Got It. Rest Easy.

Maintain ISNetworld®, Avetta & PEC Safety Passing Scores with Safety Resourcing

Don't let your safety program scores slip and keep your ISNetworld®, PEC Safety or Avetta account always up to date with Safety Resourcing's Maintenance Plan.
You can concentrate on your core business while we watch your ISNetworld®, Avetta or PEC Safety accounts. No surprises or hours or days of catching up required!

Owner Client requirements change... New data and forms have to be input... You need to stay current...

DON'T OVERPAY! Our major competitor charges $2,000 for one year of maintenance or $3,500 for two years for ISNetworld® maintenance (with prices subject to number of owner clients)!! That is crazy! It's the same amount of work and our price is only $1,500 a year regardless of the number of owner clients you have. Do the math!

For More Information or To Sign Up Call 775-624-5083 or send email to

You have a choice of either our Annual Plan at $1500.00 per year or our Quarterly Plan at $425 for 3 months of service) for each ISNetworld®, Avetta or PEC Safety account for the above services.
There is no limit on the number of additional owner clients or safety programs that you may need while covered with our maintenance plan.

You should require your agent to supply insurance certificates for ISNetworld® due to the free Agent/Broker Tool (which we highly recommend) that allows your agent/broker to directly submit and maintain insurance certificates with ISNetworld®. You are already paying for insurance and you should expect your agent/broker to use this submittal service to help obtain approval from your customers.  We are not responsible for any insurance issues as we don't issue insurance certs.
We will help set up the Agent/Broker Tool service for you but it will be up to you or your agent/broker to use the tool or to submit insurance certificates manually. Click here to have your agent/broker begin the enrollment process for their company.
We will upload insurance certificate support for Avetta and PEC Safety as they don't have an easy third party tool to use like ISNetworld®.

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