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Lockout Tagout (Energy Isolation) - BC
Lockout Tagout (Energy Isolation) - BC

Lockout Tagout (Energy Isolation) - BC

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Lockout Tagout (Energy Isolation) - British Columbia ISNetworld® Program

The purpose of this program is to establish procedures for affixing appropriate lockout/tagout equipment in British Columbia to energy isolating devices and to otherwise disable machines or equipment to prevent unexpected energization, start up or release of stored energy to prevent injury or incident.

  • This Word document contains all expected language required by ISNetworld®.
  • It has passed before and is 100% guaranteed to pass again.
  • You can easily add any additional information you need to incorporate your company specific requirements.
  • You can keep, delete or modify the header and footer if you wish.
  • Our Customization Guide shows you how easy it is to customize this program to include your company name and logo.
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