In the past few years we've seen new companies popping up on the internet that offer ISNetworld® RAVS®, Veriforce or Avetta safety programs for sale.  Safety Resourcing has been doing this for over 14 years and while competition is good for everyone here are some critical items for you to look for and what to avoid.

Avoid the "Call for More Information Game"

  • Why does a site say "Call for More Information" instead of just posting their documents and let you purchase and immediately download your document? 
  • Maybe because they want to ring more money out of you by trying to upsell their services when all you want to do is download documents.
  • Maybe they don't want competitors to see their documents because they have 'borrowed' them from elsewhere.  Yes, we have caught competitors that obtained our documents and tried selling them.  Yes, we used our attorneys to resolve the matter.  Three of them are no longer in service.
  • Safety Resourcing proudly allows immediate purchasing of our ISNetworld® RAVS®, Avetta or Veriforce documents.  No sales call.  No upselling.  No baloney.

Does The Program Have the Providers Name on it?

  • When you purchase a ISNetworld® RAVS®, Avetta or Veriforce program does it have the providers name on it?  How do you think that looks to your customer?
  • Safety Resourcing's name never shows on any of our documents.

Is the Program Professional in Appearance?

  • Our customers have sent us programs they obtained elsewhere and wanted us to replace with ours.  With good reason - layout, fonts, etc. were all over the place.
  • Is the program something you would be proud to show a client?  Does it have dates to ensure your customers know your documents are maintained vs junk from 5 years ago some consultant sold you?
  • Safety Resourcing's documents are consistent in appearance year to year - concise, compliant and professional (we've only written procedures for over 25 years).
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