Veriforce Currently Using TWO Sets of Safety Procedures (SPE)
Currently Veriforce is using two sets of safety procedures (SPEs). 

This is because Veriforce decided to upgrade the safety procedure language requirements and some Veriforce clients have adopted them (named as v2 SPEs). 

However other Veriforce clients are still requiring the older PEC Safety procedures. 

When all Veriforce clients decide to adopt the new SPE v2 requirements is unknown. But what is known is you may see BOTH the SPE and SPE v2 versions required on your Veriforce safety programs listings depending on who your Veriforce client(s) are. This is why Safety Resourcing is now listing BOTH the SPE and SPE v2 versions. Check your Veriforce (formerly PEC Safety) account and look within the Safety Programs section. Be sure to order the correct version from Safety Resourcing. All are guaranteed to pass.
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