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We Customize Your Programs

Immediate Support for ISNetworld®, Avetta and Veriforce
Let us do it for you.  The Works.  Everything.
USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand 

You've been told you have to do this and you've been spending too much time trying to become approved but now you've had it and are frustrated!  You don't have the time and it seems nothing you submit gets approved.  You need help.  You want to concentrate on your core business.

Many contractors become frustrated over the process simply because they simply don't have  the time or knowledge.  Safety Resourcing knows the system and, as one client said we "made the pain go away". 

Safety Resourcing assists companies throughout the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with their ISNetworld®, Avetta and Veriforce accounts for leading oil, gas, manufacturing and other owner clients. 

We have over 30 years of real world field and corporate health, safety and environmental experience and we know the system and how to guide your company through the process and achieve approval in the fastest manner possible.  Each client's needs are different.  Some have a blank slate to start with while others only are hung up in one or two areas.  Our pricing should and does only reflect what you need.  Why pay a flat rate when you only may need 40% of the work required?

Give us a call and we will quickly discuss your needs and give you a firm quote on the spot.  No emails, no "we'll get back with you", etc.  A fair price for professional services delivered quickly and with proven experience and knowledge.  References are proudly available upon request.

Our Total Turnkey Implementation Process

We stand behind our service.  We only charge 50% and don't expect full payment until you obtain approval!  This is your guarantee that we want you qualified as quickly and accurately as possible.
 Call  775-624-5083
We are on USA Pacific Time - if you call at 5 am yes you will get a recording.
Everything is included - Safety Programs - Questionnaire - Administrative - the Works!
Free Updates for Safety Programs!
By using Safety Resourcing we give you free upgrades to all safety programs that we provided as part of your initial qualification package.  If ISNetworld®, Avetta or Veriforce wants changes to the safety programs we created for you we will update them free of charge.

Just Need Help With Your Safety Programs? 
After qualification with ISNetworld®, Avetta or Veriforce with our help, if you add additional clients that cause you to need additional safety programs you can use our Customized Safety Programs service or choose to use our Maintenance Plan and always have your ISNetworld®, Avetta or Veriforce account kept up to date by Safety Resourcing.
Never Lose A File - Free 24/7 Access to Your Documents
Upon request we can make all of your project files available through our service with Egnyte File Sharing.  You can download your secured files to your desktop, laptop and even smart phone - at no charge from Safety Resourcing!
How Safety Resourcing is Different... 
Other sites provide standardized safety programs, submission services and nice standardized program binders and DVDs on a generic basis.  Our difference is we specialize by digging into every area of your questionnaire responses, OSHA logs, documentation, etc. and give you world class documents to ensure you receive the very best possible score by your Owner Client! 

Having your individual safety programs approved is important but realize that Owner Clients also rank your company on (and we help you with):

Dashboard or Company Information Screen - Having a great photo, company description, logo and complete professional information creates a professional first impression when potential ISNetworld® clients look at your information).

Supporting Documentation - We resolve problem areas that can arise with OSHA logs, injury classifications, EMR documentation, WCB clearance letters, WCB rate sheets and all the other documents required for approval.  All of these will effect your total ranking by your client and we are pros at ensuring the proper documentation is reviewed prior to submittal.

Questionnaire Completion - Too many times our clients have shared with us they have a 100% completion on their questionnaire and have safety programs approval but still have a low ranking and they are in trouble with their client.  This is where Safety Resourcing shows our experience and expertise.  We know the issues and we know the answers. And we provide documentation to back up the improvements to your questionnaire.

Remodeling of Your Safety System - Your clients are now expecting safety management systems vs. just safety programs from their contractors.  Often our clients ask why do they have to have all these requirements that don't apply to them.  Well, in many cases they do because of regulatory requirements and let's face it...your client wants you to!  We don't just provide a canned manual - we provide an 18001 OHSAS compliant safety management system for our customers.  Watch those client scores increase tremendously!

Maintenance - ISNetworld®, Avetta and Veriforce provide excellent regulatory oversight for its customers.  This means changes are continually required of their subscribers. And that means continual changes to your systems!  Once we've had your program approved our Maintenance Program will ensure you stay compliant.

Business Begins with Trust and Continues with Service at Safety Resourcing

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