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Richard, I want to share with you the profound impact Safety Resourcing, LLC has had on our operations. Your team has transformed our approach to health and safety compliance, turning what once seemed formidable into a well-organized, manageable aspect. We are not just compliant; we are confidently so, all thanks to you and your team's expertise.  Amy Rowland, CEO, Pangea Biological, Carlsbad, California

Safety Resourcing has been an absolutely godsend with regard to having the most up to date information needed to create a comprehensive safety manual able to clear all requirements for the Avetta system. Not only did the information make it easy and process simple, if there was ever a question, Richard was able to answer quickly. Thank you for all the assistance.  Michael Diaz

In the ever changing and complex landscape of health and safety compliance it is essential to have a great company like Safety Resourcing available to help navigate this important aspect of the construction business. Mr. Fox has helped us on many different projects and always willing to lend a helping hand to get us on the right track and meet our client’s compliance needs and to help us become a safer company all around. Thank you very much. -Justin Jarnagin Corporate Safety Director, Independence Kansas

Awesome professional service, Richard Fox went above and beyond in assisting our company with Veriforce compliance programs. We found ourselves in a pinch and needed consultation fast regarding safety programs to meet our new clients' needs through Veriforce. Safety Resourcing came through for us. Safety Resourcing should be your business's go-to for your Safety compliance policies and programs needs. Simply the best safety resourcing company out there, hands down. You will not be disappointed. We highly recommend doing business with Safety Resourcing. Safety Resourcing is our one-stop-shop for our safety compliance needs. Thank you Safety Resourcing for being there for us.  Kenny John Ruiz, Trendz Specialty Services LLC, Bakersfield, California

It is always a pleasure working with Safety Resourcing.  Mr. Fox and his team go above and beyond to keep us in Compliance with ISN® and Avetta.  I highly recommend Safety Resourcing.  This is a company who delivers professional service and is always willing to help.  I cannot say enough “GREAT THINGS” about Safety Resourcing, they are the “BEST”.   Wayne A. Gomez, Safety Director, Tri-Parish Contractors, Inc.

Safety Resourcing has been an invaluable service to me, saving me time and money.  Everyone of the programs I have purchased have been accepted by Avetta and ISN on the first try.  Mr. Fox went above and beyond helping me through the Avetta safety manual review.  We have been a customer for several years.  I would highly recommend Safety Resourcing to everyone.  Steve Walters, Corp. Safety Director  G&R Mineral Services, Inc.  Birmingham, Alabama

I have been very satisfied with the programs I have purchased at Safety Resourcing. They have satisfied all the requirements I have been asked for. I will continue to go back to them for any safety program needs. Thanks! Charles, Terrell, TX

Thank you for providing the solution to my resource shortages.  I purchased the ISNetworld Super Bundle that contained all the safety programs I was required to have to meet the “RAVS” requirements for ISN.  Each program is thorough and complete and is easily editable.  I was able to customize the programs for our actually needs and processes and was even able to insert my company’s logo into the header.  This was a huge time saver and enabled us to meet all the requirements for the programs we submitted in the first pass. Best of all, the package came with free updates so as program requirements change, the templates change too.  This was the most efficient us of my time, company resources and allowed us to quickly close any gaps that we had in our safety programs which helps us to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.  Safety Resourcing is one of my best resources for safety compliance.  Thank you for your services!  John, Corporate Director HSE, Houston, TX

Safety Resourcing is a must-have for our business. Every product that we have purchased has flown through the contractor management sites (ISN, Veriforce, Avetta). We used to spend sometimes days developing content to respond to client requests. Using Safety Resourcing has cut this time down to minutes. Not only do the format and content meet the general client requirements, the practical content is excellent and very well written.  Russell, Tulsa, OK

Thank you Richard. Once again, Safety Resourcing did not disappoint. My silica procedures did not include the updated Respirable Silica plan as is now required. This saved me a ton of hours in researching and preparing my own plan. Your service is a true life line to those of us in businesses that must remain up to date with the latest safety standards. Quick, affordable, and always top notch design.  Michele, Mount Union, PA

Safety Resourcing, Since enrolling in your services, keeping up with the third party HSE auditing companies like Avetta, ISNetworld, and Veriforce became a much easier task.  I know I can rely on adopting your recommended policies and procedures that meet their requirements.  This has saved us countless hours of back and forth submissions with these auditing companies which becomes so time consuming.  Thanks for all your help in keeping us current with policies and procedures that are acceptable to our growing client base.  Keep up the good work!   Bill Flader, Las Vegas, NV

I always come back to Safety Resourcing. There are many company's that offer safety information but none are as efficient and easy to access. Everything in a timely manner.  Jan Heck, Grayson, Georgia

Safety Resourcing provides great products, we have had no issues with ISNetworld compliance. I originally spent many hours researching and writing some of our company’s safety policies for ISN compliance only to have them come back rejected. I decided to seek some professional help for the remaining new policies. I was pleased to discover Safety Resourcing who offered single policies and not just a bundle. Awesome and professional services! I would recommend Safety Resourcing to anyone.   A Greenwood, Ottawa Canada

Since we started using Safety Resourcing, LLC, we have had no issues with ISNetworld, Avetta or PEC Safety. We don’t have to worry about compliance issues anymore. I would recommend Safety Resourcing to anyone. They are great!!   Mike Banks, President, W.W. Construction & Roofing, Inc., Borger, Texas 

I originally spent many hours researching and hand writing our company’s safety policies for ISN compliance. One day I was seeking information on the internet for a new policy I had to write and came across Safety Resourcing, the rest is history. Our company has been using the Safety Resourcing ever since. Great Product! Many Thanks….

Our company has been using the Safety Resourcing RAVS programs for over 5 years.  They are well written and easy to customize.  I've never had a problem after customizing the programs when uploading into ISNetworld.  I would highly recommend Safety Resourcing to anyone putting together a Safety Management Program for a small business.   Mary, Office/Safety Manager, Valencia, California

We were new to ISN so so we didn't know what to expect from our connecting client. When we reached out to Safety Resourcing, they "picked up the baton" and got to work. They got everything uploaded in like a day. We were approved with no hesitation and we are resting on our first "A". We would be crazy not to get a maintenance plan!   Sanethia Sherrod, Office Manager, PLS Industrial Piping & Mechanical Services, Alpharetta, Georgia

I'm not one for writing reviews on much of anything, but Safety Resourcing has always provided a great product which meets every requirement expected by the ISNetworld®, Avetta conglomerates. No questions, or concerns. And, if something changes, Safety Resourcing will address the changes and get you an updated version of whatever SOP which needs addressing, and, normally by the next business day.   Bruce, Pasadena, Texas

What an amazing service. I had spent weeks trying to gather everything to become ISNetworld® compliant and still had a failing grade. It took Safety Resourcing just a couple of days and we ended up with an A on our compliance rating. Thanks so much for all of your help.   Lori, Ontario, Canada

I am very pleased with the Customer Service that I received from Safety Resourcing. 5 years after our purchase the account information was lost and we needed an update to our Super Bundle. Customer Service confirmed our purchase and kept their promise, sending us a completely updated bundle at no charge! I will also add I can’t recall having any issues with any of our programs within ISNetworld® since we started using them 5 years ago. We will be acquiring their services for needs in the future!!   Ken, Oklahoma City, OK

I had spent HOURS and HOURS and HOURS trying to get our grades from anything but an “F” on our ISNetworld® account. Then, I found Safety Resourcing!! Three of our grades went from “F” to two “A”’s and a “B”!! I nearly cried with joy! Thank you so much for the information you put together and made available to people like me who were struggling for HOURS and HOURS and HOURS!  Carol Lance, United Fireproofing, Inc. Hackettstown, NJ

Thank you so much for all of your help on getting my safety manual revised to meet ISNetworld® requirements. It took me a month and half to write my own safety manual only to find that I was missing information on the sections that I had completed. I still had half of my chapters to go when I finally broke down after being so frustrated that I bought your bundle package. I was able to complete those sections in less than a day without any frustrations at all. Best part is I know that they will pass the requirements when mine did not. The money was well worth it and I would recommend to everyone to pay the money and have it done right the first time. Thank you again for all your help, you are great to work with!!   Denise Dowton Jackalope, Hydro Seeding & Reclamation Douglas, WY

Safety Resourcing originally developed a safety program for ISNetworld® in 2014 and their work at that time saved my sanity! When another issue came to light with ISNetworld® I called Richard to ask if he could help me with a new program or recommend a company that could. After a few minutes on the phone Richard had brought our grade from a "C" to an "A" - at NO charge. I then explained how our company was being pursued by another safety company to purchase a two year contract with them for $3,500 to fix the very same issues Safety Resourcing did for free. I am very grateful to Richard for his help and honesty. Tree Care of New York would highly recommend Richard and Safety Resourcing.   Carol Grimmer, Office Manager, Tree Care of New York

Safety Resourcing, LLC made it seem so quick and easy to get our information and programs accepted into ISNetworld®. We will definitely be repeat customers in the future!!   Clark L. Victoria, TX

The purchase of the PEC Safety Bundle was one of the most valuable purchases I've made! The downloaded programs were available immediately, and within an hour I had them customized to our company by following SR's simple editing instructions. All the programs follow a standard format so they all look professionally done. Within 24 hours our company safety programs were PEC Safety approved with an audit score of 100%! This bundle purchase had a ROI of 1000% compared to other products available on the market and it was so easy to use. Five stars all the way...Thanks SR!  Cary Gillean, VanEx Fire Systems, General Manager, MI

Richard.......This program is incredible!! I'm going to need time to wrap my arms around this and get up to speed on all our policies and procedures, along with the responsibilities that follow with each program. I think for the first time I'm excited about safety! Knowing I have all the guidelines of what is expected as a employer to stay in compliance and keep our employees safe. Thank you so much. Your knowledge and experience is definitely reflected in the way this safety management system is presented.   Steve Sadowski, Buckeye Commercial Flooring LLC, Maumee, OH

Thank you so much! I have been struggling for almost 1 year trying to get our ISNetworld® score up. Moberg Energy, LLC now has an A rating. Richard and his team did exactly was they promised in a short amount of time! I will be recommending them to any company looking for the same results. Thank you again for all your help.   Shelly Fredrickson, Office Manager, Moberg Energy, LLC, Watford City, ND

After initially struggling to make our own health and safety procedure manual work with ISN® I found it much more efficient to go with Safety Resourcing’s programs for Australia. They are easy to download and edit and in this very complicated field it was a load off our mind. Richard has always promptly answered any emails and queries he has been so helpful along the way. I am sure I was saved from insanity by Safety Resourcing.   Narelle, Administration Clerk, New South Wales, Australia

Richard the help that you and Jessica have always given us has been superb and painless. I appreciate the help and will call again if we are in need of service.   Freddie Duhon, Manager of Safety, TransVac LLC, Abbeville, LA

You have made obtaining our ISNetworld® A rating a quick and easy process. We received quotes from other companies in the range of $3000+. Your cost was extremely reasonable given how complex the requirements are. I would encourage anyone to forego putting in the time, effort and frustration to try to do this by themselves and to work with Safety Resourcing instead.   Andrea Went, Dealer Manager, Project Design, Amovo Workplace Environments, Markham, ON, Canada

You are a lifesaver! Without Safety Resourcing, we would not have made the grade! Thank you.   Sue Tjelmeland, Vice President of Administration, JMG Security Systems, Inc., Fountain Valley, CA

We highly recommend Safety Resourcing! Richard and his associates did an outstanding job for our company. We provide sandbags and erosion control to some of the nations largest pipeline companies and safety is key for our company. Richard greatly enhanced our safety program and he helped our company significantly when we signed on to ISNetworld®. Phone calls and email were answered and returned very quickly. Don't waste your time or money anywhere else, Call Richard!.  Kellie Wiggins, Erosion Control Products, Inc., Roopville, GA

Richard Fox and his associates have assisted us for the past several years. We have been extremely pleased with their fast corrections and answers, when working with our ISNetworld® clients. We just can not say enough positive comments to describe the quality of work, pleasant attitude, and thoroughness of the work performed by Safety Resourcing. Richard runs a first rate operation.   Jeffrey Shortess, Operations Manager, Bonetti Company, Sturtevant, WI

As contractors to some of the biggest paper and cardboard producers in the country, Tiger Services must remain constantly competitive. In the field of industrial concrete foundations, safety is king-- safety records are commonly a deciding factor in choosing a contractor, and failure to keep our records up-to-date could very quickly cause us to lose out on major contracts with our biggest customers. In order to avoid such errors, we rely on Safety Resourcing to keep our information current with organizations like OSHA, PICS, and ISNetworld®. Richard Fox has treated our company like it was his own, responding to concerns or questions with unparalleled speed, and never missing the mark when representing us to safety auditing organizations. Tiger Services has been in the business for almost 40 years, and it is with great pleasure that I recommend the services of Safety Resourcing LLC to any company looking to keep their competitive edge when it comes to safety records.   Rob Duncan, Owner, Tiger Services, Anaheim Hills, CA

As stated on the Safety Resourcing (SR) website, the team was very helpful in assisting GCL with our safety programs and prequalification support for ISNetworld®. We will continue to use SR to assist us with our day-to-day business.   Tony Gregov, Gregov Consulting Ltd., Canada

Columbia Scaffolding Services subscribed to the Safety Resourcing and we are extremely pleased with the results. The programs were easy to use and worked exactly as advertised....a pleasant surprise today. The programs were very manageable and interfaced with both PICS and ISNetworld® very easily.   George McQueston, VP Columbia Scaffolding Services, La Porte, TX

The service you have provided to Collicutt Compression has been fantastic! The assistance we received, programs, and support, in the prequalification process with ISNetworld® has helped us tremendously. Quick and efficient. Without your help it would have been a mind boggling experience. Thank you!   Yvonne, Collicutt Compression Solutions Ltd.

Safety Resourcing delivers as promised, not only was I able to submit safety policies that were accepted by ISNetworld®, more importantly I was able to update our existing safety polices to create a more comprehensive program.   Brent Powell, Safety Director, Alpha Hunter Drilling

We are very pleased with the quality of service and products provided by Richard Fox and his company, everything was delivered as promised and on-time. Their assistance with ISNetworld® was invaluable and the process seamless. Safety Resourcing has our highest recommendation.   Terry Pruitt, Precon Construction Company | Precon Marine, Inc.| Precon Development Corporation, Chesapeake, VA

I work for an independent oil and gas Industry services company located in the Gulf Coast region. Safety Resourcing has helped me to develop a great forward thinking, documented safety program. Safety Resourcing keeps me 100% compliant with third party reporting company requirements. This has proven to be very cost effective because I have all the help that I need through Safety Resourcing without additional employees. I have found Safety Resourcing to be accessible to me 24/7 and ready to help no matter how big or how small my need may be. Safety Resourcing has proven to be a valued and trusted friend.   Al Robertson, HSE Manager

What a great company to work with! Richard and his team did an outstanding job in creating our company safety hand book. Richard is always helpful and patient in answering our questions. Safety Resourcing assisted in our prequalification with ISNetworld®, they committed to helping us receive a top grade and delivered. With all our other daily responsibilities, its comforting to know that we have a team at Safety Resourcing that we trust to maintain our account with ISNetworld® and keep our grade at the top. Thank you to Richard and his team.   Pina Wagner, Preiss Outdoor Services & Supply. Fenton, MI

To any and all interested parties, our company has been a client of Safety Resourcing for about six months now and I can say with all sincerity that it has been a pleasure dealing with Richard and his staff. Their professional demeanor, quick response time, easy accessibility and attention to detail are all exceptional. Our company has been in the oilfield construction business for over 25 years and with the ever changing demands of both customers and regulatory agencies it is comforting to know Safety Resourcing will be there to keep us in compliance and assist us in updating our policies whenever necessary. I can assure you, the staff at Safety Resourcing has been easy to work with and completely accurate.   Medic Adams, Safety Manager

Safety Resourcing is well worth your money. We needed 7 RAVS® programs specific to the British Columbia Mining Industry and had no idea how to do it ourselves. With our deadline fast approaching we decided to throw in the towel and contacted Richard to see if he could help us. He had to rewrite most of the RAVS® programs to conform with the requirements and we still met our deadline. We achieved 100% on the first try! We will definitely use Safety Resourcing again.   B&M Jager Enterprises Ltd., Industrial Janitorial Services, Canada

I cannot begin to tell you what a joy it has been to be able to set up our safety program with your material. It has proven to be a great choice in investing in your Super Bundle In these days of needing to have safety programs that are done professionally and accurately, your Super Bundle package fits the bill. I don't believe that there is anyone, in the Safety Directors position, that would not benefit from your programs. Thanks so much for the help, and I look forward to using your services in the future.   Ron Hall, Safety Director, Cogburn Bros. Inc.

We were very happy with the service we received. We were required to become ISNetworld® compliant and with the help of Richard Fox we were able to do that in a timely fashion. We were provided all of our safety manuals for us to download for future use. I am extremely happy with the service we were provided and would strongly recommend this service to anyone I know. Thanks again for all of your help.   Ann Beniuk, Surface Land Manager, Aurora Land Consulting Ltd., Edmonton, AB

I highly recommend Safety Resourcing. They helped me get everything I needed to qualify for ISNetworld® and they were prompt to respond to my requests and very professional to work with. Richard and all the staff at Safety Resourcing were a pleasure to deal with and I will definitely use them again in the future.   Tim Lyons, International Fire Protection, Inc., Madison, Alabama

The programs worked out great, we are back in compliance with ISNetworld®. You guys really came in handy because I had a time deadline to meet and your service saved me a lot of time. Thanks!   Dave Smiley, Director of Safety and Health, KT-Grant, Inc., Export, PA

Safety Resourcing has been very valuable in getting our safety program compliant with ISNetworld® and our clients requirements. By using Safety Resourcing, we were able to save money on the labor hours it would have taken to update our safety program and did not risk having projects delayed or denied due to non-compliance issues. Richard and staff have been very helpful in keeping our policies updated and addressing any issues that arise when ISNetworld® or our clients change their safety policy requirements. We always receive prompt and attentive service.   Stephanie Bell, Gap Engineering, Inc.

Thank you for providing exactly what you advertised - prompt and professional service at a reasonable price. I was very pleased to see the work completed with such quality and efficiency.   Ben Peterson, Safety Manager

Safety Resourcing has proved to be a very valuable resource improving our Canada management system and being compliant with ISNetworld® Canada. By using Safety Resourcing, we were able to save labor cost. The two following programs, Chemical and Biological Hazards (Alberta) and Transportation of Dangerous Goods (Federal) were purchased and we are very pleased with the quality of service and products provided by Richard Fox and his company.   Charlie White, Total Safety, International HSE Manager

The documents provided by Safety Resourcing have been very helpful. I was able to customize the required program documents. We received notification from ISNetworld® that we had gone from a C to an A. Additionally, many of the other programs and forms provided by Safety Resourcing have also been very useful and are very important to Terra Environmental Services Safety Program. Thanks again!   Janet D. Wilson Terra Environmental Services, Inc. Tampa, Florida

We used Safety Resourcing to become prequalified with ISNetworld®. We needed 32 RAVS® programs, I called Richard Fox on Friday afternoon and much to my surprise all the programs had been submitted by Monday morning and all were compliant. Safety Resourcing delivered and saved us money.   Linda Floyd, Alabama Electric Company, Inc., Dothan, Alabama

We would like to say that the Subcontractor Management Plan saved an enormous amount of research and development time. This plan was easy to incorporate into our company’s safety program and we would recommend any company to evaluate the procedures Safety Resourcing has to offer.   Bill Batting, Integrity Test Lab, ASNT Level III

We had been working on our safety manual for about 2 years and continued to fail according to ISNetworld® standards. We were referred to Safety Resourcing and within 2-3 weeks, we had a completely updated, professional and accepted safety program!! Don't wait, let the professionals do it for you...Safety Resourcing.   ZMK Construction, Apalachin, New York

Thank you for a job well done! You saved me from having to work on that stuff all weekend and still possibly not passing.   Alina Collins, Indianapolis, Indiana

This has been the best site for helping me with all the procedures that I have had to update. Thank you, I could not have done it without you.   Monika, Texas

We used Safety Resourcing's Total Turnkey program when we were fighting a tight deadline and had a major project on hold. Safety Resourcing came through as promised and constantly stayed in touch with us on our progress with our ISNetworld® account. Their professional advice and service was delivered exactly as advertised on their website and we strongly recommend Safety Resourcing to anyone needing support for their ISNetworld® account.   Kathryn Harness, Director of Administration and Finance, Texas Energy Network, Houston, TX

I have hired Richard several times to assist my company with safety issues. He is personable and professional. He has the innate ability to explain technical issues in common layman's terms. He saved my company (and continues to do so) not only monetarily; but also in wasted effort and time. He is knowledgeable and current with safety issues and solutions. I will continue to hire him in the realm of safety issues for my company.   Courtney Ross, President, RROC, Inc., Graham, TX

When confronted with the many safety policies our Owner Clients required in a format acceptable to ISNetworld® RAVS® process, and finding our own policies were insufficient for this propose, we turned to Safety Resourcing for help. Safety Resourcing's policy guidance and top quality products has helped us achieved an "A" grade with our ISN® Owner Client. Our new and now fully OSHA compliant policies have passed ISN® review at 100%. Safety Resourcing's secure on-line ordering process was quick and easy to use. I would recommend Safety Resourcing to anyone needing to meet these ISN® RAVS® compliancy requirements.   Ben Swope,Safety Officer, Fritz-Rumer-Cooke Co., Inc., Railroad & General Contractors

We received a 100% go status from ISNetworld® RAVS®. Saved both the company time and money. Good expectations and great results.   Sans Broussard, Safety Coordinator, Facilities Consulting Group LLC, Lafayette, LA

Thank you very much for helping us out with our ISN® RAVS® requirements. I contacted you Wednesday, and by early morning of Friday we have an A rating! That is so amazing! I am happy that I listened to my friend at NASA Enterprises. She told me that after you helped them acquire an A Rating with ISN®, she never looked back.   Elizabeth M. Bernales, Administrative Officer, Hirt's Vacuum Truck Service

The process of getting these forms over the internet worked very well and all seems good. I found the editing to be very easy after following the instructions that were included in the package. As yet I have only used 1 document which was passed by the client on its first presentation. (I had previously submitted 2 other documents for the same thing that were knocked back) I was at the stage where I was wondering if my effort was worth it and have been struggling with the whole thing of getting a pass so I could continue to work for the client. Now, with the full package from you guys I am full of confidence and back on the web site filling in questions that I had previously replied no or N/A to. Thanks!   John McCormack, Pacific Quality Corrosional Control, South Australia

I was somewhat skeptical regarding an online purchase of any safety program types of products. Specifically, because there have been so many fraudulent or misleading companies out there who promise a lot and do not deliver at all. I liked your website content, and after a few follow up style questions, made my purchase with a few expectations of success. The product that I purchased MORE THAN met my expectations. I am thoroughly impressed with the organization, the structure, the finishing touches and the content of the program that I purchased from your company. Not only will I go to your company with any future safety needs, I will and have already passed along your website address with my recommendations. It is and will be a pleasure doing business with your company.   Patty, Alberta, Canada

I wanted to write and thank you for the tremendous service that you and your employees provided to my company. Your expert knowledge and guidance made qualifying in ISNetworld® system a precise and pain free process. You and your team treated my company as if we were your most important client each time we talked. No question or request was too small. I have held many conversations with oil field service providers who have literally gone through hundreds of man hours attempting to qualify and obtain an acceptable rating in the ISNetworld®'s system only to be constantly flagged for needed updates or additional data. Safety Resourcing truly provided a quality, effective and cost efficient service that allowed Huffman Petroleum Engineering Services, LP to qualify with a 100% compliance rating in one week! I have and will continue to recommend to all companies seeking expert assistance in safety policy and compliance needs to contact Safety Resourcing. Thank you Mr. Fox and the Safety Resourcing Team.   Kelly Huffman, Petroleum Engineer, Huffman Petroleum Engineering Services, LP, Atlanta, TX

I am pleased to report that my grades have went from all F's to two A's and one B!!! Thank you for providing this service! I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders!  Kenny

Fastest quickest easiest way to comply with ISNetworld® and company requirements. Wish I would have found this a year ago!  Julia Dayton, Texas

What a pleasure it was dealing with Richard Fox of Safety Resourcing. We needed help improving our grade with ISNetworld®. Richard guided us through the ISNetworld® process and our grade improved in a short time. Thank you Richard for all your help.   Chris Duffy, T&K Asphalt Services

I received the information that I ordered and greatly appreciate it. Your organization has helped me out tremendously. Thank you for all you do to keep us out here compliant.   Ron Hall, Safety Director, Coburn Brothers, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida

May I start with a very big Thank You for your guidance, support and assistance with regards to certification with ISNetworld®. We currently work for a number of companies that use ISNetworld® as a 'yardstick' especially on safety and compliance. Your company allowed us to achieve the very desirable result of an 'A' with all the companies we work for. The best we have been able to manage in the past was a 'B'. In addition can I compliment your company on their response to our request, with action almost immediately and a result within four days. I was worried about the time difference between Australia and USA however it has worked in our favor with questions and information receipted overnight. Again thanks, and we would recommend your company to anyone that requires professional and immediate response to their ISNetworld® needs.   John Robbins, Director, Mandrake Enterprises, Queensland, Australia

Our firm was faced with having to become compliant per a third party company’s requirements, and we turned to Richard Fox and Safety Resourcing. Richard and his team was very professional, timely and efficient in helping our firm meet the requirements. Richard was very helpful and honest with me from the initial phone conversation we had, and his company quickly took care of our needs. We are looking forward to remaining a client of Safety Resourcing for many years to come.  Tim White, White Brothers Consulting, LLC, West Virginia

One of our customers required upgrade information and safety programs. Like many other small companies, we have neither the in-house time or talent to make it happen. With deadlines approaching we contacted Safety Resourcing and explained our needs. Within hours, Richard and his team processed the required information and sent it out. 100% score on the RAVS® in a fast-track time frame is absolutely exceptional. We have been in business for many years, and have never seen anyone who performed as quickly and competently. In addition, we received helpful comments and ideas from Richard and his team that went above and beyond. I cannot recommend Safety Resourcing highly enough. If you need professional assistance with safety issues, they are a must-contact. They do achieve "service to exceed expectations.   Steve Maclachlan, Sales Manager, General Carbon Corporation, Paterson, NJ

Safety Resourcing is the primary provider for all of our company's safety program needs. We are always able to find what we need and they are easy to customize to fit our specific requirements. We are also registered with PEC, ISNetworld® and PICS and the programs have always been approved as submitted. We highly recommend Safety Resourcing!  Troy Adams,Insulation Technologies, Inc., LaGrange, KY

It has been a pleasure having you as a vendor. Your company requires almost no effort on our part in order for us to stay in good standings. This keeps us focused on our business instead of paperwork. Thanks for all you do!   David Stainthorpe, President, Tornado Automation LLC, Inc., Jourdanton, Texas

I heard about Safety Resourcing from a fellow colleague at a Safety Conference. I work for an electrical contractor and had an immediate need for a resource to do just what Safety Resourcing does - so I called them when I returned from my trip. These people are outstanding with their product quality (very professional) and the price is very competitive. I had my safety programs within 2 days and ready to submit with a bid proposal. Thanks Richard for all your help.   Bill Tuten, Safety Manager Colorado Springs, CO

I have had the pleasure of working with Richard Fox at Safety Resourcing over the past several years. I first contacted Richard needing help with ISNetworld® safety compliance. I was extremely pleased with the customer service and the resulting programs Richard provided. Whenever I am required to update new safety programs, I simply make one phone call to Richard and let him do the rest. I encourage you to give Richard a call!   John M. Hill
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